The Source Of The Soul And The Spirit - Music license

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Track title: The Source Of The Soul And The Spirit

From the album: "Heaven Comes To Earth"

℗© Copyright: Frank Ebert - The Cosmic Elements Verlag


With this music licence, the licensee receives the commercial right of use for the music title "The Source Of The Soul And The Spirit". All worldwide rights of use and performance as well as the non-exclusive exploitation rights of the music title are transferred by the author with the acquisition of this licence. The reproduction as well as the resale of the music title, in existing as well as in modified form, is not permitted. The author has the exclusive right to exploit his work in physical form. The right of use is applicable to the following areas in connection with visual or acoustic content without temporal and worldwide restrictions:

  • Film and TV (feature films, documentaries, image films, etc...)
  • Internet (video portals, podcasts, online radios, websites, etc...)
  • Software (computer games, browser games, apps, etc...)
  • DVD, USB stick, MP3 and CD productions with unlimited editions (films, audio books, meditations, etc...)
  • Advertising (radio, TV, cinema, internet, etc.)
  • Sound reinforcement (hotels, shows, events, seminars, business premises, etc...)
  • Telecommunications (telephone announcements, waiting loops)

Multiple use of the music title for different projects is permitted. The author, Frank Ebert, is not a member of any collecting society (e.g. GEMA, SUISA, AKM, ASCAP, BMI). All rights of use and exploitation are held by the author himself. Therefore, the licensee does not have to pay any further fees to a collecting society. The licensee receives a release document from the author. This release document serves as proof of the acquired right of use. The acquired document is not transferable to other persons, companies or organisations. The use of the music in connection with criminal, pornographic and violence-glorifying acts is expressly prohibited.

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