The 7 Elements Of The Universe

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Everything has been created and born with the 7 cosmic energies of creation from the Source of the Soul and the Spirit. The 7 heavenly bodies of the planetary system as well as the 7 chakras of the human energy system consist on the subtle level of the 7 original vibrations of the 7 Elements of the Universe. Through the sound vibrations of 7 Elements of the Universe it is possible to connect with the Archangels and the Ascended Masters of the 7 Ascension Rays in order to release low vibrational thoughts, emotions, false beliefs and programming from the human energy system for the ascent to the 5th dimension. 

The 7 Elements of the Universe consist of the 7 Rays of Light of the Elohim.


All 7 Elements of the Universe ( Saturn, Mars, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter ) summarised on this album. Each sound vibration has a length of 20 minutes.

Total length of the album: 140 minutes

MP3 quality: 320 kBit/s

File size: 342 MB

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